Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Progressive Cavity Pump Parts

Multi Torque Industries Pumps manufactures a range of progressive cavity pump (PCP) parts and can usually source parts for Mono, Orbit, Roto, Seepex, Billen, Inoxpa, Netchz..

The progressive cavity pump can be supplied with a variety of sealing and stator  materials designed to be compatible with the material being pumped.

There are also a variety of coupling arrangements between the drive shaft and the rotor the most common the pin joint, the Cardan or Universal joint through to Flex Shaft joints.

The pictures on this page will help identify the type of joint and seals your pump is fitted with.

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PCP Pin Joint Type

Pin Joint Rod

Cardian Type Universal

Cardian Joint PCP

Gear Joint

Mono Flex Shaft

Mono Flex Shaft

Progressive Cavity Pump Connecting Rod

PCP Half Pin Bush Kit

PCP Full Pin and Bush Kit

PCP Complete Coupling Rod Pin & Bush Kit

PCP Seal Kit

PCP Rotor


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