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We specialise in heavy industry pumping systems and equipment. With over 50 years experience designing, manufacturing and maintaining pumps and pumping systems for the mining, gas and oil, explosives, utilities and agriculture and food industries.

Explosives Industry

Multi Torque Industries’ progressive cavity pump has a proven track record and has demonstrated one of the best stator life in the industry. We can also supply, install and overhaul complete pumps or parts for most pump types used in the industry Cat, Napco, Mono, Orbit and Netzsch pumps are just a few of the pumps commonly serviced by our team.

Multi Torque Industries are able to supply explosive handling systems typically used for Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Nitrate Emulsions. We also manufacture service and maintain explosive handling equipment Ammonium Nitrate Augers, Emulsion Transfer Pumps, Mobile Processing Units, Hose Pushers and a full range of hose, fittings spares and consumables for this equipment. We specialise in Down Hole Dewatering Systems and High Wall Pumping Solutions.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Multi Torque Industries manufacture install and maintain pumps and pumping systems used in the resource industry with facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. Multi Torque Industries is centrally located to service the industry. Multi Torque Industries understand the hazardous environments in these industries and have significant experience servicing both the mining industry, on and off shore gas providers.


Multi Torque Industries have worked with utility providers to install, maintain and overhaul water and sewage pumps. We have in house testing facilities that can test the flow and pressure characteristics of pumps up to 110Kw. Multi Torque Industries are also able to provide in situ testing of pump systems providing flow and pressure test reports to enable trouble shooting, maintenance and commissioning information.

Food & Agriculture

Our Genie Wine Pump is an example of delivering what the industry wants.  Multi Torque Industries have been involved with on farm and off farm pumping applications as well as on shore and off shore aquaculture. In addition to supplying pumps we have also engineered materials handling systems for these industries.


Gas & LNG


Water & Civil




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